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Prickly skin: bad.
Smooth skin: good.

Our waxing experience is quick, thorough, and [almost] painless. Sanitation and cleanliness are top priorities, and we only use the highest quality wax. Don't cheat yourself with a cheaper alternative. Your skin deserves better. 

Bikini Area

Bikini Wax: $40

In-Betweenie: $50+

(a little more than a bikini wax)

Brazilian: $70+


Brow Clean Up: $20

Brow Shaping: $30

Lip Wax: $12

Chin Wax: $12

Sideburns: $20

Full Face: $60


Stomach: $30

Stomach Line: $8

Shoulders: $30

Chest: $40

Back: $60​+

Arms & Hands

Half Arm: $30

Full Arm: $40

Underarm: $25

Fingers: $15

Legs & Feet

Half Leg: $40

Full Leg: $65

Toes: $15

Leave us some hair to ensure a good waxing experience.

Contrary to what you might think, leaving at least 1/4 inch of hair works best for us. Otherwise, the wax has trouble finding and latching on to that hair—and it's just no fun waxing skin.​

Ready to book?

Give us a call or send us a text at 760-628-8776.

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