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You should feel comfortable in your skin.
It's just easier when it's tanned.

Airbrush tans give you all the benefits of a sun-kissed tan, without the "sun-kissed" part (because that's bad). No matter your skin tone, we've got the solution to give you a flawless, natural-looking tan.

Organic Spray Tan

Eight-hour minimum development time.

Single: $50

Three-Pack*: $140

Rapid Organic Spray Tan

Three- to six-hour development time.**

Single: $60

Three-Pack*: $170

*Must be used by the same person within one year of purchase. No transfers.

**The longer you wear it before rinsing, the darker it gets.

Airbrush tans are awesome if...
  • you come to your appointment with clean skin. This means you've showered and exfoliated your skin, and you aren't wearing deodorant, lotion, or makeup. You should also schedule any facial, waxing, or mani/pedi services before you get tanned.

  • you wear loose clothing after getting tanned. Yoga pants have a way of ruining your tan. It's best to wear loose, dark clothing while your tan sits.

  • you don't mess them up. Don't exercise or swim after getting a tan and before rinsing your tan off. Rubbing your tan is also not recommended.

  • you take care of your skin after your tan. Moisturize after every shower. Also, know that excess swimming or soaking (such as in a bath or hot tub) can cause your tan to fade quicker.

Ready to book?

Give us a call or send us a text at 760-628-8776.

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