We offer only the best in organic airbrush spray tanning. We customize every client to the perfect color, either light, medium, dark and golden or bronzed depending on your skin tone. You will leave with a beautiful sun kissed tan!! With our Organic Airbrush Spray tan we reccomend that you keep the solution on your skin 12-24 hours before your first shower. With our Rapid solution, you can shower 4-7 hours after you are sprayed!


Organic Spray Tan (99% organic) ...$40

Package of 3 ...$105

Rapid Spray Tan... $50

Package of 3...$135

Prior A few helpful tips prior to your appointment:

-Shower and exfoliate the skin (do not use an exfoliant or body scrub rich in oil). 
-Please arrive to your appointment wearing no deodorant or make up (if possible) and NO lotion. Lotion can act as a barrier and block your spray tan from activating. 
- Schedule waxing, pedicure, manicure and hair appointments prior to your tan appointment.

-Please wear loose, dark clothing after your spray tan session and please keep in mind that any tight, form fitting clothing can rub your tan off while the tan is activating.

-Please do not work out, exercise, swim or shower within the first 12-15 hours of your spray tan!! 

-It is recommended that you sleep in your spray tan over night (or shower after 12+ hours of application) to get the darkest and longer lasting results. 

-Once you take your first shower (12-24 hours after tan application) Keep your skin moisturized.  Moisturizing the skin will help maintain and extend the life of your tan.

-Afer the 12+ hours of activation and you take your first post shower, you are free to go about with your normal activites.


p.s. Excess swimming, soaking in baths or hot tubs can fade your tan.

ENJOY your tan!!!!!